Monday, June 8, 2009

Ok everyone

To explain the sudden re-emergence of Scott Kurtz on our site.
a) Scott emailed me on Friday basically saying what he said here "why do you feel the need to publicly tear down my work"
b) I, very verbosely, responded with my history interacting with him, and what my motivations in doing PVPMMS, none of which has to do with him, and how PVP and PVPMMS make up .0001% of my life
c) Scott responded saying he knows that PVP and PVPMMS are big in my life and that I have to think about it all the time. Also, that everytime someone brings up the site to him it ruins his day and finished with "Just let that roll around in your head a bit and let me know how you can be okay with that."
d) I responded back again saying that Scott Kurtz really places no role in my life and it was funny that he supposes to know what is important in my life. Plus I dont attack HIM so I have nothing to feel sorry for
e) AGAIN Scott responded refuting whatever I wrote to him ending with "You can try to claim that everyone talks about their favorite stuff this way, but they don't. I don't. My friends don't. We don't maintain websites like you do. We don't tear down people like you do." (see Buckley, Tim, the woman who critiqued his book, anyone who critiques or dares to swipe at him, despite the fact he swipes at people for proof against that)
f) i stated the phillies were winning 3-1 (won 7-2 btw on Sunday night), Chris Jericho and Tommy Dreamer won titles in the WWE and that I had notes to do.
g) He started showing up on the site again, guess he can't stay away.
h) the shit starts up again.

Basically I explain this to say to those who are normally here, he is trying to get the responses he is getting as he is taking the argument he was having with me to the site. I don't think responding to him will do anything but just degenerate into an endless flare war.

FSM only had one rule "don't be an asshat" so I'm going to have to take out the stick and delete those posts Kurtz/Scott and those alike that just want to go around the same rabbit hole. I think this is a good definition of trolling (I should know I was called one myself by the man) But hey, at least the whole forum isn't going to be deleted right?

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